Samsung Q70T 3.1 Soundbar

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Sound Innovation

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The ideal match for Samsung QLED TV’s

The perfect match for QLED.

Experts in sound innovation

Samsung Audio Lab

Tested and tuned at the California Audio Lab, where our world-class audio engineers apply the advanced acoustic technologies and cutting-edge computer modeling to give you balanced, room-filling sound.

Experts in sound innovation

‘Our focus starts at the ear of the listener, then expands out to the listening environment – the transducers (woofers and tweeters), amplifiers, and digital signal processors (DSPs).’


Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

Explore the depths of sound with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. The object-based audio formats deliver a cinematic experience right at home.

Elevated sound from every direction


The Soundbar Q70T syncs with your Samsung TV, together creating immersive sound. Your TV speakers and Soundbar work together in harmony for a more immersive sound experience.

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* Samsung Q-Symphony is compatible with select 2020 Samsung QLED TVs (Q80T, Q8DT, Q90T, Q800T, Q900TS and Q950TS).* Functions may vary by TV model.

 Immersing you in captivating sound
3.1.2 sound


Immersing you in captivating sound

Sound moves around you in three dimensions, delivering a full 3.1.2ch audio experience.


Music comes alive with your voice

Works with Alexa

Can’t recall the title? Enjoy your Soundbar hands-free using Alexa voice control. Ask Alexa to play something by simply saying the title or a few lines of the song’s lyrics. Alexa will find it.

Music comes alive with your voice

* An Amazon Echo Device is required to use this feature. This service is provided by Amazon and can be terminated at any time. An Amazon Echo Device is required to use this feature. Sold separately.

Sound optimized for each scene

Adaptive sound

Samsung soundbar analyses the sound signal to automatically deliver optimized sound based on each scene. Adaptive Sound lets you hear voices clearly even on low volumes so even quiet conversations are heard.

Sound optimized for each scene

Game Mode Pro

Immerse yourself in the action with a dedicated setting that optimizes sounds specifically for gaming.

Hear better. Play better

A sound connection boost


Experience high quality audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X with eARC compatible TVs.

 A sound connection boost

Wireless surround sound ready

The Wireless Surround Kit* lets you expand your soundbar to a surround sound system easily without the mess of wires**. Wirelessly connect to rear speakers for an enhanced cinematic sound experience.

More sound without the wire

* Samsung Wireless Rear Speaker Kit sold separately. (Accessory model: SWA-9000S). * The wireless module requires a power cord to function and speaker cables to connect to rear speakers.

Sound as good as the picture

Seamless HDR 10+ experience

Connect any HDR 10+ video source through your soundbar to your Samsung TV for the ultimate audio and video experience.

Sound as good as the picture

One Remote Control

Simply control both soundbar and TV with your Samsung TV OneRemote control.

A world of sound with one remote

One app to listen smart

SmartThings App

Take connected living to the next level. SmartThings app lets you add your speakers to your network, giving you greater control over your audio throughout your smart home.

One app to listen smart